Blurton robert blake

Case Number: 10CY-CR01475; SC93648

Judge: N/A

Demographic Information: White Male

Current Counsel:

  • Craig Johnston

  • Deborah Wafer

Counsel Contact: Office of the Missouri Public Defender Woodrail Center, Suite 100, Building 7 1000 West Nifong

Columbia, Mo 65203 573-777-9977

Current Proceedings: Direct appeal affirmed in Missouri Supreme Court.

Legal Status: Writ of Cert denied 10/17/2016.

Hearing Pending: N/A

Significant Legal Issues:

  • Trial court’s failure to instruct jury on felony murder as a lesser-included offense —Trial court’s exclusion of evidence implicating an alternative perpetrator

  • Improper and excessively theatric penalty phase closing argument by Missouri Attorney General (who served as trial prosecutor)

Last Judicial Decision Related to Conviction or Sentence:

  • MO Supreme Court affirmed Conviction and sentence, See State v. Blurton, No. SC93648 (Mar. 15, 2016).

Reported Opinions: Confrimed conviction and sentence. State v. Blurton, No. SC93648 (Mar. 15, 2016)

Conviction County: Clay (on change of venue from Benton County)

Counts: 3

Victim Demographic:

  • W/F

  • W/F

  • W/M

Crime Date: 6/7/2009

Sentencing Date: 08/09/2013

Trial Counsel: Janice Zembles and Charles Moreland

Trial Judge: Larry Harman

Trial Prosecutor: Kevin Zoellner